Privacy Policy

Ambition Co. LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and its affiliates respect the privacy of its users (hereinafter referred to as the "User" or "you") and are committed to protecting the User's personal information. As we continue improving the service, we have taken various protection measures against information loss, incorrect information use, unauthorized access, falsification, or leakage.
Unlike the Terms and Conditions, this Privacy Policy is not intended to receive the Users consent, but is intended to explain how the Company collects, uses and, in certain circumstances, shares your personally identifiable information.

1. Personal Information
When you use this Service, the Company will automatically collect the following information.

・Mobile carrier name and model information.
・E-mail address (at the registration and at the time of an inquiry).

Please note that the Company will not ask for, access or track any location based information from your mobile device at any time while downloading or using the Service. The Company will not hold any private information such as your name, address, mobile phone number etc., except for the information written above. In case of obtaining any other information, except for the information written above, the Company will act in accordance to this Privacy Policy.

■Special occasions where you may be asked to provide your personal information to the Company.
・You may receive a request for personal information with the purpose of sending you merchandise as a prize for a contest or as a part of another service.
・You may receive other requests for personal information.

2. Use of Personal information
We will only use the collected personal information in the following cases.
・To identify the User to provide Customer Support.
・To inform Users about the Service.
・To respond to conflicts or lawsuits.
・For the analysis of statistical data used to improve the Service (in this case, the information will be modified in such a way that the Users will remain unidentified).
・For the purpose of market research.
・In order to send prizes or any other Service-related products.
・In the case of the Company merging, splitting, transferring business, or any other such reason for a succession of business.

3. Exceptions to the Use of Personal Information
As a general rule, the Company does not entrust third parties with your private information without your consent, for purposes other than those stated in the "Use of Private Information" section. However, the cases stated below are exceptions of this rule.
・If the Company finds it necessary, after asking for your consent.
・In the case of requesting a police investigation, if you perform an action violating the Terms and Conditions.
・When taking legal or other actions against Users is required, for performing actions damaging to other Users within the Service, or performing actions that are considered a threat to public order and morals, or attempts to perform such actions.

・In case of a legal disclosure being requested by a public institution, such as the police, or upon receiving a warrant from a court.
・If it is required in an emergency situation with imminent danger to life or property.
・If you access an outside site from within the Service and join another service, or apply for a contest located there, thus resulting in an intentional decision of the User to sharing your own personal information.

4. About the personal actions of Users
The handling of personal information gathered from Users while using the Service is as follows.
・Be careful with publicly posting your personal information within the Service provided by the Company (correspondence, message boards etc. within the game), as it may be gathered and used by other Users. The Company holds no responsibility for any issues caused by failure to follow this advice.
・If you access services other than the Service provided by the Company (by following links outside of the Service), the responsibility for protection of your personal information belongs to the provider of the outside service. The Company holds no responsibility for any misuse of information as a result of these actions.

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